A nasty case of Bumpy Eyelid

I’m sadly disappointed. But apparently this is what America wants. Voter turnout was high, and surely everyone who was raring to get Bush out of office made extra sure they voted. So that must mean that Bush really is the man the majority wants. He won the popular vote and the electoral colleges. This is democracy. That’s how it works.

I just can’t believe that more people think he’s a good president than don’t. More people want to keep sending their children to a die in a war nobody wanted or asked for than don’t. More people want the man who clearly lost all three of the candidate debates to be their representative to the rest of the world. More people want one type of religious values prescribed for everyone, whatever their beliefs or non-beliefs.

It’s a big country. I suppose it’s only to be expected that the undereducated outnumber the well educated and the slow outnumber the smart. The people who respond to a man who talks at their level and calls everyone “folks” outnumber the people who’d like their president to be more intelligent, better read, and better informed than they are. I don’t know why the president should be a man of the people. He should be a man of the elite, the few, the intelligencia …

Yeah yeah. That was yesterday. The world keeps turning. Probably there are people I know and like who are actually Republicans, or who I would like if I knew them, and I’m sure they have their reasons and sincerely believe they’ve done the right thing. Who am I, not even a citizen of their country, to tell them otherwise?

In other, far more exciting news, I have a Condition. (No, not that sort. Not a Certain Condition.) I went to the optician yesterday because I have all of one contact lens left, and some day soon I’ll need a new one for each eye, so I need a new prescription to let me get more. And just for something to do, I thought I’d have a stab at telling the nice man about my sniffliness.

Ah, my Sniffliness. For ages now, it’s been as if I have an allergy to not wearing lenses. The days I wear my glasses – about half the time since I moved to the States – I find my eyes watering and my nose running to beat the band. I thought it was just my personal bodily wierdness. I mean, before that I’d been wearing lenses every waking minute of every day since I first got them, three weeks after I left school. Ten years later, when I finally took the radical step of going out in public wearing glasses, I just thought this was what my eyes did now, that they were overproducing lubrication after all those years behind plastic (or whatever it is). I just thought I was naturally sniffly.

I suppose it’s been getting more evident lately, but I really didn’t think it was a Thing. Turns out, it is. It’s a Condition. In fact, it’s quite serious and I’m not allowed wear my lenses (what lenses? I don’t have any now) for at least a month. I’ve got two sets of eye drops to be put in four times a day each, at different times, requiring a complicated timetable and I may have to get a digital watch with fancy bleepy alarms to remind me when, and I’ve to go back in two weeks to see if it’s clearing up. It’s called Bumpy Eyelid. Well, no, it’s not, but that’s what we’ve christened it. Apparently I have tiny bumps on the inside of my eyelids (upper and lower) that irritate my cornea every time I blink. Hence the weepiness and the runniness of nose. And when I wore my lenses they would actually protect my cornea from the bumps, hence the feeling better when wearing them. It makes perfect sense, and I feel a bit of a prat for not immediately thinking “Normal people don’t have to blow their nose every twenty seconds. Perhaps there’s a reason for this that’s not just Me.”

So now I’m blowing my nose even more and my eyes are brimming over with added liquid, but so long as I can wear my lenses by Christmas, that’s okay, and if it means I’m not a chronically sniffly wet-eyed person any more, I might even happily wear my glasses lots of the time.

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