Friday dinner: Cook like it’s BBC 2

The children are being cowboys, complete with authentic cowboy accents. I don’t know where they learned how cowboys talk, except perhaps from Woody and Jessie on Toy Story. “Ah’m a cowboah,” says Dash. “Yowdee!”

On the plus side, they’re mostly dressed, Mabel is wearing underpants, and both are safely entertaining themselves (ish), so I have no complaints.

Never mind that. Am returning, as promised, with Friday’s dinner. I should probably reiterate what I said the last time I did this: I’m not pretending to be a great cook, or trying to steal any thunder from the illustrious foodie bloggers, or telling you what you should feed your family. I just think it’s interesting to see what other people eat for dinner, especially when they’re not trying to impress. So I propose to document what we have for dinner for seven nights, whatever it turns out to be. I admit that doing this does tend to influence me to plan a little more than usual – which is no bad thing – but I won’t do anything special or out-of-the-ordinary just for the sake of blogging it.

The meals serve two adults unless otherwise stated. My children are barbarians who don’t eat food.

On Friday the cupboard was mostly bare, and I was thinking we’d probably default to carbonara, but I feel bad about that because it’s esentially a plate of pasta (delicious, delicious pasta, probably with lots of broccoli and a bit of ham in it the way I do it). Then I discovered a head of cauliflower in the fridge, two sad little potatoes, and a couple of pork chops in the freezer. Exhibit A:

It started to look like an episode of Ready Steady Cook, wherin two expert chefs were paired with two members of the public to create a delicious meal from random ingredients from a supermarket bag. Actually, I learned a lot from that show. Ah, Ainsley. Though for this to be more realistic, you’d need to add a jar of anchovy paste and a mango, probably, and some Cockney bloke saying “Well, I had no idear what it was, so I fought it would be interestink.”

Anyway. I tossed the cauliflower with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic, and roasted it. I boiled the potatoes and mashed them, and although it looked pathetic, they ended up being just the right amount for two people who never do anything good with leftover mash.

And I fried the chops with some steak seasoning and my trusty meat thermometer to tell me when they were done.

Not the most gourmet of meals, but a little more balanced than carbonara (maybe? depends how much broccoli I might have had, I suppose) and not bad for an off-the-cuff dinner.

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