Mabel and I both woke up with big stonking sneezy snurfly colds this morning (and apologies for quoting my own Facebook status there), which have been sneaking up on us for the past few days, what with my very sore throat on Friday night that had miraculously disappeared the next morning (classic symptom for me of something else to come) and her good sleeping for two nights in a row.

Which is why this blog post is brought to you by Sesame Street in the background and I’ve been staring at it for ten minutes without writing anything. And that’s not counting the half hour I spent trying to write it earlier, and the two posts I have in drafts from last night that are not interesting and will not be making it to the gentle eyes of my readers. At least not till I’ve got some amount of mojo back and can fix ’em up.

If you’ve any requests to get me out of my doldrums, let fly. What do you like hearing about most?

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  1. Joanna

    Get well soon to you & Mabel! (But still I laughed at the Facebook description because I read it correctly first go) Please can we have some more of life ‘over there’?


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