End of an Ergo

I’m giving you a little break so you can catch up on all my past posts, and all the other things going on around the Internet, whatever they may be. At least, apparently that’s what I’m doing. But in the meantime, a few bullets to get me out of this bloggy doldrum:

  • I dusted off and gussied up my resume (which mostly meant changing all the fonts so they looked less 2004 and more 2013 to my non-graphic-designer eye; maybe it just made the whole thing look different to me and therefore as if it must have new information even though it doesn’t, much) and sent it to someone who expressed an interest. So that was nice. I will now proceed to freak out about all the free time I don’t have even though nothing has happened yet.
  • We had visitors, which was lovely and gave my deeply ingrained Internet addiction a little break. I’m also re-reading the His Dark Materials trilogy, which is exciting enough to get me away from the computer from time to time.
  • I have given away, sorted out, and designated for donation the last of the baby clothes. Even more finally, I am selling the Ergo. (And the Moby, if anyone wants it.) I put them on a local mailing list yesterday afternoon and by 6pm I had three offers for the Ergo. I think it will be taken today. I used it daily for, I’d say, four years in total, and apart from some fading it’s in perfect condition, not a stitch out of place. Those things are built to last, and if you’re looking for a baby carrier I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Baby-wearing on a bus with an Ergo and a toddler
Oh, Ergo. The fun times we had.
  • By which I mean that the baby train has left and I am not on it and I’m finally fine with that. (Disclaimer here so that writing this sentence does not immediately cause me to accidentally conceive. We do not intend to procreate any further, that’s all.)
  • Bedtime has taken a turn for the worse. It’s not fun. I do not like chasing Mabel around the street in her nightgown after stories because she’s not tired (except she is, so much) and as a result her second-favourite Barbie is now reposing in the recycling bin. I suppose I’ll take it out, but it’s the first time I’ve actually been forced to take such a drastic step. Or lost my temper enough to go through with it, I suppose.
  • I hope it’s a phase, because the rest of my life isn’t looking much like a good time if it’s not.

5 thoughts on “End of an Ergo

  1. Justine Levine

    I have to sell our Ergo, too. I keep thinking “maybe N. will use it.” But of course, that is just silliness. Abiding with you in the season of changes … hoping there is something comforting to eat and drink there, at least. 😉

  2. office mum

    My Ergo is to me the most useful and also wonderful baby product I’ve bought, ever. Still using at 17 months, hope to get many more wears. It’s funny the things that catch you – I’ve given away bags and bags of baby clothes; but my husband sold a baby walker thing (except it stands still) that mine all used, and I cried over that big lump of plastic!

  3. Anonymous

    Mabel sounds soooo like Kate in soooo many ways: terrible bedtimes being one. Although they have calmed down in last month or so.

  4. Thrift Store Mama

    Ugh – I hate these developmentally appropriate but totally f**king annoying behavioral phases like running up the street in a nightgown. No unsolicited advice, just sympathies.

    1. (Not) Maud

      I have found that she comes back much sooner if I don’t even leave the house to go after her. I still wish she wouldn’t, though. Thank you for the symp.


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