And now for something more frivolous

You might not have been privy to my confusion over jeans last winter, but the agony of that indecision is still seared firmly in my mind.

First I bought some red jeans, but then I decided I needed too many things to make them right and that maybe the problem was with the jeans rather than the things, and I brought them back. (Also, someone directed me to this, or something very like it, and I began to think maybe they were somewhat over the red jeans thing on the other side of the Atlantic.)

Then I decided to stick to my straight/skinny blue jeans, and became quite fond of them. But I wanted to wear them with my beloved brown suede ankle boots, and I just couldn’t figure out how that was supposed to go – did I tuck the jeans into the boots or leave them over the top. Neither looked quite right. I compromised by tucking one side in, which felt a little silly and I was never very happy with.

This year, faced with the same jeans, the same boots, and the same dilemma, the solution is obvious. I should roll the bottoms of the jeans till they’re just above the tops of the boots. Why was cuffing not an option last year? Have things moved on that much? Am I right on the cutting edge of fashion? Yes, that must be it. Pinterest confirms it, actually.

Now, if you can point me in the direction of a pair of dusty plum curvy straight-legged cords that fit me perfectly and make my legs look long and slim and do not cost a week’s salary, I’d be most grateful, because that’s what I’m obsessing over this winter. (Hmm. Like these.)

Dusky plum cords

8 thoughts on “And now for something more frivolous

  1. Sinead

    I was directed by my sister to a pair of wine skinny jeans in Penneys for €17 and am in love. I wear them inside my biker boots or outside my black buckle wedges and feel fabulous 🙂 I love Autumn clothes.

  2. theclotheslineie

    Proper skinnies would never fit over boots. You need to bring an empty case home and get proper proper skinnnies. I can advise in more detail. The quest for perfect skinnies is something I am always on

    1. Maud

      No, see, I don’t have the legs for proper skinnies. I have to cheat and get straight skinnies. Go easy on me. I’m still very attached to my flares.


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