Things about me

But first I have to steal one of my husband’s points about himself, because it’s so wonderful that it deserves a wider audience:

For some period around the age of 7, I became convinced I was actually Orinoco Womble. The Wombles merchandising at the time included chocolate bars, and I would look at my miniature pointy-nosed face in confusion when visiting the newsagents.

For full enjoyment of this fact, you have to know what both parties looked like: 

Stunning resemblance, no? (Also, clearly there’s no argument about whose son Dash is.)

Now that there’s no topping that, here are some much less interesting random facts about me.

1. I played Miss Prism in selected scenes from The Importance of Being Ernest in high school. I knew everyone’s lines.

2. Around the same time that my future husband was posing as a womble, I used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks appeared.

3. As soon as the weather gets cold, I lose all blood from my fingers and toes, which is very useful when I want to dress up as a corpse for Halloween but otherwise annoying.

4. I had three boyfriends in first grade, but not one more until after I turned 18.

5. I can still recite, phonetically and probably unrecognizably, the “We are now approaching a station; please mind the gap” phrase from the Prague city train system. I can also ask for two beers in Czech.

6. I have not, and never did have, any wisdom teeth. This does not mean that I am less wise than you, but rather that I am more highly evolved, so there.

Tell me a random fact about yourself.

20 thoughts on “Things about me

  1. agirlandaboy

    I’ve never had my ears pierces. I came THIS CLOSE when I was about twelve, but as the teenager approached me with the piercing gun, I slid out of the chair like a wet noodle and told my mom I’d changed my mind. This was, of course, after I’d begged and begged to get my ears pierced.

  2. Office mum

    Hmm on teeth – I have no fillings, my teeth may have secret super powers. I feel I need to make it to 40 with no fillings so will avoid the dentist for 7 months. Interesting, no? No…

  3. Joanna

    Sorry but your husband’s point steals the show!!!!! I don’t have my ears pierced and also don’t have any fillings but those have been taken. Mmmmmm….I am extremely physically strong and also machines break in my presence. Oh and for quite a number of years I believed, despite being told repeatedly that I was wrong, that I was names after my uncle John and his wife Anna. I’m now not even sure they had met before I was born!

    1. Joanna

      No it *is* unusual, actually my husband was shocked when I told him about you. And I went to the dentist about 6 years ago after about 15 years of not going just because I thought I should and the dentist said she was glad that my teeth were the exception to the rule because she valued her income! She called her colleague in too and they both remarked on the no fillings! So we are a rare pair!

  4. Anonymous

    We share numbers 3 and 6. Apart from that, my sense of direction is totally screwed. I can be relied on to get lost a mile from home with a GPS. My husband tells me to just do the opposite of what my instinct tells me. Not so surprisingly, that works!

    1. Meeshie

      I once got lost driving across a parking lot. The arcade was on one side of it and the movie theater on the other and somehow between the two I got so turned around I ended up on a HIGHWAY and 10 miles away.

  5. Thrift Store Mama

    I have a naturally very addictive personality. In my mid twenties I could play video games for 4-6 hours and only take bathroom breaks. I could easily become an alcoholic, so although I LOVE to drink, I am very very careful about how often I do so.

  6. Meeshie

    I have an extra bone in my spine. Where most people have lumbar bones 1-5.. I have a 6th one for no reason whatsoever. My chiropractor seems gleeful about this since he can bill my insurance for all KINDS of treatments for a ‘genetic defect’.

  7. Hermia Commutes

    I don’t have wisdom teeth, either. Fascinatingly, my mother has none, my dad had all four, and of the three children, I got none, one sister got four, and the other sister got just two. Mendel at work! Also, I taught myself to write backwards in middle school, and I can still do it fairly well.

  8. Dona

    I love the Wombles — Orinoco was my favorite.

    My fingers and toes also lose blood when they get cold — or hot even. Raynauds Syndrome in my case…

    (got here from Amalah — I once saw Amy and her family too, at Montgomery Mall and saw Jason and the two oldest boys at the Farmer’s Market in Bethesda).

    1. Maud

      Hi Dona, thanks for clicking over here! Mine is Raynaud’s too, I think, though it’s never been formally diagnosed and isn’t bad enough to really cause any problems. It doesn’t happen when I’m too hot, though.


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