Actual conversation I just had with Dash, aged 7.75 tomorrow:

Him: Why do you get more popcorn than I do?

Me: Mine has parmesan on it. Cheese is good for you.

Him: I don’t like cheese. And I can say that even more than usual, because I’ve tried cheese.

Me: Really. When did you try cheese?

Him: Twice. One time at the park.

Me: Yes.

Him: And a second time in late 2013.

Me: Oh. That’s very specific.

Him: Yes, it was October or November. And I didn’t like it.

Me: Okay then.

There is nothing more to say.

Dash balances on a bollard

Fully documented non-cheese-eater

9 thoughts on “Cheeses

  1. Mel

    I stand in solidarity with him. It’s nasty stuff. I will only consume it when I must, and it has only been a short period of time since I tried it in the first place.

    So I’m obviously behind on my reader and just got to the post that said you moved 🙂 So welcome (albeit late) to the new digs.

    1. Maud Post author

      I quite like cheese, but not indiscriminately. I thought I didn’t like cheese at all until quite an advanced age(10?) but that turned out to be because my house only ever had very sharp orange cheddar. (Or normal cheddar, for my Irish readers.) Once i discovered that, i started on milder cheeses and worked my way up. I still don’t like blue, goat, or brie.

  2. Wonderful Wagon

    Well Holy Cheeses! I’m with Dash. And with you. I like parmesan on spag bol but that’s all. Reminded me of a Kath and Kim episode where they needed a Baby Jesus for something or other and one of them ended up with a pile of Babybels (the baby cheeses instead of the Baby Jesus) Ok so maybe it was something you had to see.

  3. office mum

    I love cheese. I’m glad you said it’s good for you. People claim it’s not. I figure it’s better than a Big Mac, so I’m not stopping my cheese habit anytime soon


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