My stance on mythical creatures

It’s Easter Morning and no bunny came to our house. The kids are fine with that. They haven’t really noticed. To be honest, I didn’t really notice. I thought for a good 30 seconds after I woke up to figure out what day of the week it was, and was happy when I decided it was a Sunday. I did not leap out of bed and get busy with baskets and fake grass and eggs of any description.

Not to say that we don’t do Easter things. We went to an egg hunt yesterday. There was a big guy in a bunny suit there, but he wasn’t handing out candy so my kids weren’t really interested in him.

Egg haul

Mabel’s eggs

When I first discovered – and Dash was about five when this happened so you’d think I’d have noticed before – that the Easter Bunny in America was like Santa Claus, an imaginary being who delivered things in the night, I was a bit horrified. Another one? Do we never get to give our kids anything ourselves? And since Easter always comes somewhere between B’s birthday and Dash’s, usually closer to the latter, we really don’t need an extra occasion for overconsumption.

Am I depriving them of a quintessential childhood memory? Will they complain to their therapists that the deep-seated trauma of never getting an Easter basket is at the root of their neuroses? Do I care?

I made a nice dinner for the grown ups last night, with a nice dessert to boot. Rhubarb, first of the season, grants a wish. The children didn’t eat anything, due to ill-timed large bready snacks in the late afternoon. Mabel is going through a phase (let’s charitably say) and the day ended with my carting all the soft toys and all her dolls down to the basement in a huff, because she wouldn’t even try to clean up. She’s been happily playing with Lego all morning.

Dash had a fever on Friday and is now in that “is that a rash?” in-betweeny stage. He might have strep, he might have fifth disease; he might just have a sore throat. We might go on an outing today; we might stay at home. We don’t need any more bunnies.

3 thoughts on “My stance on mythical creatures

  1. Alison

    I don’t push the Easter Bunny, I think it’s stupid and creepy. No pictures of Emerson with it, but my mom loves the holiday so we do an egg hunt at her house and she provides a basket of candy (and my sister provides the fluffy dress). The Easter Bunny always seemed strange to me as a kid – I kinda believed in the Tooth Fairy and Santa, but the bunny was always the gross furry guy in the mall and baskets full of cheap chocolate and quickly-lost trinkets.

    And gosh, we’re all going to screw up our spawn somehow, I’d be quite proud if her therapy bills are just for missing out on a creepy man in a bunny costume! 🙂

  2. Muuka Gwaba

    You have put into words what I haven’t been able to: that can we not just give presents to our kids ourselves. I gave a big sigh of relief that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I hope Dash is better soon.

  3. Mrs T

    I’m not big on mythical creatures either. Especially not standing in line for hours to sit in their laps – that’s just stupid! Though apparently my parents tried to tell me that Santa Claus wasn’t real when I was in kindergarten but the kids convinced me that my parents were wrong – so just be prepared for that 😉


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