A Week of Dinners

I’ve done a week of dinners a few times before, usually one at a time to get me out of a blog rut. This is just a quick one, the whole week in one fell swoop, with not enough photos, as part of a linky thing fromĀ Bumbles of Rice. Go check out what everyone else is eating too…


This was a supremely bad week to choose because I did no meal planning and precious little food shopping. On Monday I remembered too late that Dash had a baseball game at 6pm (our usual eating time) so I had to throw this together even faster than usual. Luckily, carbonara with ham and peas is about as quick as quick dinners come; it’s usually a Friday night standby for me.


I like my carbonara with linguini. Makes a nice tangle.


An actual dinner that I prepared for. Chicken and bean burritos slathered with avocado. I put some rice and red peppers and onions and salsa in here too, as well as cheese, of course. (There might not have been beans, actually. I don’t remember.)


I wanted to pick it up, but this was really a knife-and-fork burrito.


I totally forgot to take a photo, but Wednesday was some salmon fishcakes I had made ages ago and put in the freezer, with steamed brocolli. There was potato in the fishcakes, so that’s all there was on the plates, which made them look a bit sad.


I’m a sucker for a nice label, and for some reason I thought this Safeway Select Tikka Masala sauce might be nice. The ingredients were okay, though the 30% sodium was not; but I knew the kids wouldn’t come within a mile of it anyway. More chicken, chickpeas, and courgettes (zucchini) went in as well to up the veg content.

Tikka masala in a jar

There’s the jar.

Served with basmati and naan bread. Okay, but not a patch on homemade Indian, which I do make now and then.

Tikka masala on the plate

Look! Inauthentic vegetables!


This is the sort of dinner I think is very boring but that makes my husband very happy, what with the meat and the spud. So I cook it every now and then, because I like him. Pork chop (with steak seasoning), mashed potatoes, and ginger roasted carrots (really, nothing easier and the only way I like carrots since I found out about them) and roasted broccoli.

Pork chop

Manly dinner


I forgot to take a photo on Saturday, but it was just the rest of Thursday’s heated up, with cous cous instead of rice.


Sunday was Mother’s Day in America, which is where I am, so I ordered a pizza online in good time, and picked up a nice bottle of white wine when I went down to pick it up, because if you want something done right, you should just do it yourself. We have a new local independently owned pizzeria and it’s pretty good. We had a mediterranean with ham, and Mabel got her own cheese pizza because she eschews toppings. And I made these cupcakes for dessert.


You will note that I don’t mention what the kids ate. If you like, you can imagine that they ate all these things except maybe the Tikka Masala. Some people’s kids might have.

4 thoughts on “A Week of Dinners

  1. SarahJayBee

    I can’t get enough of these dinners posts. I’m such a nosy hoor! Plus, inspiration. My local Fred Meyer (Kroger) supermarket sells Patak’s simmer sauces. Not sure if that chain is in Maryland? Patak’s is the one Jamie Oliver recommends in his 30 Minute Meals book. The tikka masala is pretty tasty, but we usually add some heat if the baby is eating something else. Mmm now I want a curry…

    1. Maud Post author

      We can get Patak’s too. Actually, I have a jar of Patak’s tikka masala paste in the fridge already. I should have just used that. Impulse buying is a bad thing.

  2. Emily

    I really am going to do these dinners too, I love being so nosy!! Your dinners sound delicious… DO YOUR CHILDREN REALISE WHAT THEY ARE MISSING OUT ON?! We have two presently living on pasta solo *sigh*

    1. Maud Post author

      Ooh, I really want to know what you have for dinner Chez Emily! Mine this week were very boring – if you look back at the old weeks of dinners I’ve done they were a bit more interesting.


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