Missing, because children

Certain things are missing, or disappeared, or not where they’re meant to be, or just all gone, never to return. These are some of those things:

Enough tissues (Mabel has a cold)


Functioning flashlights

Any tennis balls (which I need once in a blue moon for the clothes dryer)

The remote control

remote control on countertop

Ah, there it is. Sometimes I forget where I’ve hidden it. Other times the kids “lose” it.

Bubble wrap (because as soon as it enters the house it gets popped)

My dignity

Any semblance of tidiness

The big soft brown woofly blanket (because it’s a roof for the dollshouse now)

My sunglasses

My replacement sunglasses

Pens that work

Pencils without broken leads


Pencils, pencils everywhere, but not a one that works

The pencil sharpener

Black permanent markers

The other sock

All the band-aids except the tiny ones that are no use to anyone

The big hairbrush

The little hairbrush

My favourite yoga pants (I think they atrophied through lack of use)


What’s missing in your house?

5 thoughts on “Missing, because children

  1. Sara

    The hair brush is always going missing, most of the socks and I lost my phone for an hour earlier found it in a child’s coat!!

  2. office mum

    Urgh it drive me mad – Sellotape, the only hairbrush that works, hair clips, matching socks… sometimes I have a MAJOR brainwave and realise that if I buy twenty packs of hairclips in one go, and stash them all over the house, life will become easier. And it does (for a week or so)

  3. velocibadgergirl

    The tray from the play kitchen oven has been gone for over two years. I have NO IDEA where it could’ve gone. Did someone throw it away? How would that even be possible? And yet, it is simply gone. We have looked everywhere.


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