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I had more to say about Harry Potter, but that will have to wait till another day. My children are forcing me to do crafting again. It’s like a snow day around here, except with 90 degrees and blazing sunshine and humidity to boot.

Two summers ago Dash took a notion to learn to knit. (I mentioned it briefly here, actually.) So, since we had nothing better to do and I’m all about the reasons-to-shop, we pottered off to the nice knitting shop and bought two sets of knitting needles and two big balls of wool. (Yarn, it’s called here.) Since Mabel was only 3 at the time, the idea was that she would learn to finger knit and the second pair of needles was for me.

Dash tried hard, but his fine motor skills just weren’t up to it, and Mabel got bored and wandered off very soon. We knitted a couple of small squares between us, and then the needles were stashed away on the high shelf so that nobody could stab anyone with them in a moment of passion.

Dash knitting


But when Dash announced two days ago that he wanted to knit again, we were well set up. We still had the yarn, even; except that it had mostly been chopped into little bits while still in its skein. He salvaged enough to make a very small ball and we went over the basics again: In through the bunny hole, around the tree, out through the bunny hole, and off goes he. (Or she, if you’re a girl.) This time he got it much more easily.

Dash showing off his knitting

Proud crafter

So off we went again to the yarn shop to buy some new balls of wool. Dash chose pitch black, Mabel chose white with a little thread of sparkle running through it, and I got myself a beautiful blue/green one and a new pair of needles because I have always wanted to know how those lovely multicoloured wools knit up. And since I never managed more than two inches of my scarf in sixth class, maybe now’s the time to find out.

Dash wearing a knitted moustache

See how useful small pieces of black knitting are?

Since then he’s made various bits of black stuff with some holes in them, and all I have to do is cast on and cast off for him. Mabel has made a lovely loo-paper-roll sheep and a wolf (I knew those IKEA pencils would come in handy some day) and I am ambitiously knitting a beautiful scarf. (Or square.)

toilet-roll sheep


Mabel with her sheep

Momentarily enamoured

blue and green knitting

This is mine. Knit two, purl two…



5 thoughts on “Knit you

  1. Sara

    This makes me want to learn to knit again, I started a cardigan 7 years ago and still haven’t finished the back lol love the colour of your wool be nice to see it when it’s finished 🙂

  2. tric

    I remember knitting and your post reminded me that none of it was pleasant. I had no patience for it, and had an absolute talent for loosing stitches, or pulling them too tight. Not that I’d know what a sin that was , but my mother tut tutted regularly in between, “Ah Patricia, what have you done!”.

  3. Helen's Mom

    When you’re ready for your matching hat and the kids’ new challenge, check out the knifty knitter. You can get them on amazon or at Michael’s.

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