Things that are giving me quite a degree of satisfaction these days, smug or otherwise:

– Since school started, I have been to two yoga classes and plonked down actual money to pay for nine more in advance, so I have to go. And they feel really good.

[I have no photo to go here. Imagine me looking fabulously strong and bendy.]

– I took some photos that were in the kids’ rooms in little frames that were always falling down and being off kilter, and put them in one big frame per child. It’s a ginormous improvement, even if I’m the only person in the house who appreciates this.

Two sets of framed baby photos

– My children clamour to hear Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up“, so we must be doing something right. (You’re welcome for the earworm, by the way.)

– Remember that scarf I diffidently began knitting during a brief rush of blood to the head in June? I’m still knitting it. I’m onto my second ball of yarn. I have never in my life knitted something this large, and the last time I knitted anything even approaching it was when I was 12. I really think I’m going to finish it.

long scarf, half knit–  I have new glasses. While my internal jury is still out on how much I love the frames (yes, I picked them, but I might have been momentarily deluded or something), being able to see through unscratched lenses is a wonderful novelty.

Me with new glasses and Dash

– I have advanced to the Finalists stage of the Blog Awards Ireland. This, as you might gather, is actually the final stage in a fairly interminable process, and I’m mightily chuffed to be here as I stopped at “Shortlisted” last year. My category is “Best Blog of the Irish Diaspora” and I’m up against a bunch of gorgeous, enticing, and beautifully written blogs. It’s truly an honour to be included in that group. It would be lovely to have the night out and an opportunity to wear a posh frock, but I don’t get to do that because, well, diaspora.

blog awards ireland

There are, no doubt, plenty of other things that are making me peeved rather than smug, but let’s stop there for today.

6 thoughts on “Smugly

  1. Suzy

    I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about yoga. And by mixed feelings I mean I kind of hate it. But it does seem to have an incredibly smugifying (that’s a word, right?) effect on people, and that’s cool, we could all do with a little more smug in our lives. As long as you start signing off with “namaste” – that would lose you a reader.

    1. Suzy

      Also, is there a reason why I can’t follow you on WP? And why I can’t Like posts unless on I’m my computer? Are you aware of this? Is it an intentional thing? I have many questions. It’s probably best that I normally read things on my phone and hence can’t comment/like/harrass, but still. Questions.

  2. Maud

    It’s not an intentional thing and I’ll check my settings in case there’s something I need to toggle or flick or click or switch or you get the idea.


  3. Emily

    That “Namaste” deserves a ginormous “like”!! I’m shocked you don’t have any beet-delights referenced… That’s another super-smug moment, or should be 😛 Someday- someday- I will do yoga, be appallingly smug and super bendy, just like you!!


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