It’s been a busy week, but I think I’m getting the hang of things.

I effectively took September “off”, to see if I could be a famous novelist or something, but instead I just started knitting a lot. So I think I’ve decided that I can’t, and that’s okay. I’ll put it on the back burner for the time being. In the meantime, I have an actual paying copyediting job where I have committed to ten hours a week, and I’m keeping up with that.

I have this terror of committing to a certain amount of time, even though ten hours sounds eminently doable when, technically, I have six hours five days a week all to myself, making thirty. Surely I can assign a third of that to a particular thing. But you know how it is, someone gets sick or there’s a meeting or you have to go to Target for that one thing, and before you know it your day is gone.

(Not to mention housework. I don’t mention housework. It happens if it happens. So long as my kitchen is tidy enough to bake in, and the bathrooms not completely vile, I’m not all that bothered about housework.)

I’m still writing for, though our rate of output has slowed to a more manageable five posts a week. It’s a hobby for all of us, and the pressure of churning out three or four a day was a bit much. We took a break, and then we came back to it in a more relaxed way, and now it’s fun again. It’s a learning experience; but it was nice to have the site listed on the Blog Awards shortlist in two categories and finalist in one, even if we didn’t win anything this year.

I really function much better when I have some sort of schedule to ground me, even if it’s simply a toddler’s naptime habits. So the idea that now I can sit down and edit for two hours every day, whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing before the school run, is good for me. And the work itself, though seemingly tedious, is strangely addictive and satisfying.

Much like the knitting, actually. At the time of writing I’ve made three pairs of mittens and am on my third hat. You’re supposed to knit a little square to see if your item will work out the right size for the pattern, given everyone’s different knitting tension, not to mention possible differences in yarn and needles. But so far I seem to be just knitting the thing with what I have, hoping it’ll fit someone, and then amending as needed for the next one.

Mabel in multicoloured knitted hat

3 thoughts on “Ongoing

  1. Joanna

    I knit away all the time but can only do squares and rectangles!!! I just sew them together to make the finished item, your hat is excellent.

  2. office mum

    I’m teaching my kids to knit, and so far even our little squares are wonky. But they think it’s great and I’m not destroying the illusion anytime soon. Good luck with the copyediting and the future novel – I’m waiting for it!


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