I have a temperature of 101.3 so this might come out as gobbledygook, but I did just take some ibuprofen, so we’ll see.

Of course I got Mabel’s thing. I was sleeping with her every night, she was breathing her little hot breaths into my face; OF COURSE I got it. But it has a pretty long lead time, so I was fooled into thinking maybe somehow I’d missed it. I mean, she got sick on Tuesday evening, and I was feeling fine right up to Thursday of the following week. (That’s yesterday.)

Now Dash is upstairs in his bed when he should be at PE or music or something because he had a funny-feeling tummy this morning and a sore throat. Fascinatingly, neither of those are symptoms that Mabel or I had, so this could be a whole new thing that we can all have fun getting too.

And we’re all meant to be going to Delaware (two hours’ drive) this evening for B to run a marathon tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that’s not happening; the question remaining is whether he’s going on his own or I’m going to rain all over his parade by declaring myself not well enough to look after one sick and one healthy kid alone for two days and one night. What I would really like most is for Dash and me┬áto feel miraculously better in about two hours time, but that seems unlikely.

So that’s how our weekend is looking. How about yours?

3 thoughts on “Nemesis

  1. Joanna

    I say rain on the parade/marathon!!! Get well soon…to those of you who are currently sick and those who may yet follow suit!

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  3. office mum

    Ah those sneaky long lead-in illnesses that fool us into thinking we’ve escaped – the WORST kind. Hope you feel better soon. And don’t feel guilty – not your fault. But you know that.


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