Questionable moments in parenting #267

Lately Dash has been doing his reading with┬ámusic in the background. It was a suggestion somebody came up with to help him relax while he reads, thus leading, hopefully, to more fluency and swifter reading with no loss of comprehension. I have no idea whether it’s working, to be honest, because he reads in his room nowadays, but he’s really liking the music. He’s becoming quite the mini-authority on Bach and Handel, actually.

As a result of which, I thought it would be good to get him a music player of some sort for Christmas. Something hefty in size and old-school in style: a CD player boombox, in fact. (It has a bluetooth capability to play mp3’s too, if we want to use that.) He loves it. Of course, Santa also had to bring him a CD, so I thought I’d pander to his inner tweenybopper and get a Kidsbop CD. It’s just like the MiniPops of old, if you remember the MiniPops (OMG now I’m having flashbacks of Hey Mickey and Bucks Fizz rendered by 10 year olds*), only more professional sounding. I’m pretty sure when they say “sung by kids” they only mean the backing vocals. Anyway, the one I got (no. 25, Gawd help us) has a fair selection of songs he already knew (Cups, Roar, Royals) and several that are now his new favourites, educating the rest of us in One Direction and Miley Cyrus all the while.

Which brings me to my most recent moment of questionable parenting. He wanted to hear the originals, so I showed him how to search for them on YouTube on my computer while I was making mince pies for the party we were throwing (wildly! with abandon!) yesterday. So I was standing right there telling him which option to select when he looked up Wrecking Ball. And I even thought that this might be a little PG rated as videos go, but I didn’t have the presence of mind, apparently, to nudge the pointer in the direction of the boring lyrics-on-screen version instead, oh no I didn’t.

So then we stood there, he and his little sister and I, watching Miley cavort salaciously with a sledgehammer in her undies (“That must taste yucky,” I said) and ride the eponymous ball and chain with nothing at all on but her rather nice doc martins. “That’s so funny,” said Mabel, “She’s naked!” “Ooh, she must be very cold,” said I, invoking my mother, and all sensible mothers before me, wondering just what this experience was doing to their tender psyches and how long they’d have to be in therapy before this moment was finally exposed as the root of all their troubled lives.

We should maybe stick to Beethoven and his ilk a while longer.

*You’ll be devastated to hear that I can’t find either of these on YouTube to share with you. But there is lots of other MiniPops goodness there. I just can’t decide which one to link to.

6 thoughts on “Questionable moments in parenting #267

  1. tric

    Haha. That moment when we first get scuppered by the internet. I remember my husband helping my eldest download a video years ago when we were computer virgins. I had warned my husband of the possible dangers but he is not very IT savvy and took ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ at it’s word. So he and my 14 year old daughter load it and press play and then in he comes to me saying, ‘Oh my God, that was so not Pirates of the Caribbean’. As it turns out it was a porn movie based very loosely on the real thing. My daughter still laughs at that moment to this day. So maybe you got off lightly. ­čÖé

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  3. rebecca

    The beauty (and horror) of KidzBop is that they change the questionable lyrics as well and make it all PG friendly. i used to think this was awful, now I think it is genius.

    1. Maud Post author

      That was the other reason I thought it was a good idea, actually. Because you never know who’s going to throw a profanity into an otherwise quite enjoyable song and mess it up.

  4. Lisa - Four Walls, Rainy Days

    Oh dear. Miley must have been cold in that video alright – and rather uncomfortable! I do recall googling “Groovy Chick” or something similar at about 9/10 and my mother pegging it over to the computer to change the screen I’d just clicked on – apparently it led to something rather unsavoury and not the child friendly character website I was looking for. Who knew the internet was full of things like that? Also, child versions of songs are one thing, but have you come across Mother Goose Rocks? Lady Gaga-esque Baba Black Sheep is certainly an interesting find..


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