Write your own New Year’s blogpost

I’m pretty sure I know how this one goes. You can follow along with me if you like.


Obligatory sentence about how I can’t believe it’s 2015 already, how fast 2014 went, how I still think it’s 2007 at most, and how I must be getting old.

Hilarious demand for my flying car or at least my hover skateboard.

Seriously stated intention to (a) exercise more, and regularly, (b) waste less time on Facebook and related Internetty things, (c) write more things that are not Facebook, Twitter or even blog updates, and (d) eat more vegetables.

Parental aspirations such as (i) limiting screen time, (ii) reinstating nightly family dinners at the table that everyone attends, (iii) ensuring homework is done before rather than after dinner (see i and ii above), and/or making Mabel tidy up her own mess instead of doing it for her.

Wry acknowledgement that very little of that will actually come to fruition, so really what’s the point in starting?

Memorandum to self that Monday is the best day to start anything like this anyway, so until then we’re just putting the intentions in place, not actually doing anything about them.

Picture of tree still up. Promise to do something about that before the weekend’s over, because the sixth is Tuesday and I have a PTA meeting that day.

Something witty to finish it off on an amusing but tender note as we all look ahead with hope and optimism knowing that whatever comes this year, no matter how similar our resolutions look to last year’s, it will all be new and wonderful once again. Witty witty hilarious just lovely.

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7 thoughts on “Write your own New Year’s blogpost

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  2. Helen O'Keeffe

    Look. You’ve ticked the boxes and are ALLOWED stay in the gang.
    But don’t get too jealous when you see pics of my taut tummy, booming bank balance and extremely intelligent organically fed children all over the web please.


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