New Year To-Do List

So evidently, I don’t have any real new-year’s resolutions. I do, however, have a to-do list. I always do, but maybe the to-do list at the beginning of the year is longer-ranging in scope and more aspirational in content than it is at other times.

Here are some of the things on my to-do list, great and small:

Renew Dash’s Irish passport. I have the forms, I even have the photos; I just have to do the pesky witnessing part. No, my children don’t need both Irish and US passports, but it’s a point of pride, I suppose.

Could this possibly be the year we actually redo the shower? Because [whisper] I sort of don’t bother cleaning it as often as I should because it’s so horrible that we’re definitely replacing it very soon.

Last year, I remember looking up hotel rooms in New York (or more accurately, in New Jersey just across the river from Manhattan, where it’s a lot more practical to stay though it lacks the romance of the Big Apple) for a weekend away in early Spring but never actually booking them. Maybe this year I’ll manage step two of that process. You might think that if you live in DC you’d be able to hop up to NYC for the weekend at the drop of a hat; and yet, it so rarely happens to us.

Another thing we’ve been saying we’d do for years is take the kids skiing. It could just be an one-day thing – you drive a couple of hours north to Pennsylvania, say, and you’re back before bedtime. It’s not a major commitment. And yet, like so much else, it requires planning and costs money, and there we have fallen down. (Also, the kids have snow pants but the adults don’t. Need to remedy that.)

I might remind myself how to crochet. If we have a snow day, that’s on my list.

Finally, I hope we’re going to Ireland in the summer. (I know it might seem like a crazy extravagance to travel so far pretty much every year, but let me remind you that we don’t see my parents, whose only child I am and whose only grandchildren I keep on this side of the Atlantic, if we don’t go to them. And they’re old. And they don’t even do Facetime.) Aer Lingus is reintroducing direct flights from Washington to Dublin, and I cannot overstate how much this will radically improve the journey in both directions. It would be great to show them some more of the country – the south and/or west, specifically. Some castles, some cliffs; your standard American tourist stuff. How many friends can we convince to put us up along the way?

Dental appointments. Must not forget.

More work. I should definitely keep going with the freelance thing. That worked out well. And we’re going to need money for all this other stuff.

And there are the things I’m not interested in doing:

I don’t really feel the urge to audition this year for Listen to your Mother. I did it last year, I didn’t get in, that was fine.

Also, and I might kick myself later for this, I’m not raring to attend BlogHer, even though it’s in New York, which might be as close to me as it gets for another four years, so it would make a lot of sense to plan it. I just don’t feel the need, though I had a great time in 2013. Am I crazy?

Dash January 2015

My favourite of the passport photo outtakes

What’s on your to-do list?

4 thoughts on “New Year To-Do List

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  2. Thrift Store Mama

    I don’t think it’s a crazy extravagance at all for you to go to Ireland every year. I think it’s lovely – other people visit their relatives for every ding-dong holiday, birthday, and Groundhog Day.

    In fact, so long as your paid work is portable or flexible, I would advise you to stay even longer in the summer. Eventually the kids will be older and have their friends here and *may* not want to go all summer.

    1. Maud Post author

      We don’t have a place to stay for longer, unfortunately. We can’t really impose on family for too much time and I can’t stay at my parents’ house without everyone (mostly me) going crazy.

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