This is basically just an excuse for some photos

I’m grateful for the lack of polar vortices we’ve had to endure so far this winter, I have to say. Yesterday’s snow disappeared in just about the time I like, which was pretty much overnight. By this afternoon at home time the same playground where I took all the photos yesterday looked like this:

Mabel on a swing; no snow.

The first winter I spent in the US, in Pennsylvania, we didn’t see the ground under the snow from mid-December to March. I can’t imagine that now. It was all so monochrome. Not to mention chilly.

Mabel is wandering around with many small stuffed animals in her baby Ergo, and has set up all the other animals on the sofa wearing as many backpacks as she can find. (Not all the other animals. We don’t have enough sofas for all the animals, let alone backpacks.)

Mabel on the hopper ball thing

I think the best Christmas present of the lot was this one, the $15 Loloball, or whatever they’re called these days. (I got one for Christmas in about 1980. Mine was blue and yellow.) It ostensibly belongs to Mabel, for complicated reasons of Santa-fairness, but Dash has really taken to it. They have negotiated that whenever he wants to use it he has to ask “Da?” and she replies “Da” or “Nyet” or “Nyet nyet” because apparently in Russian two negatives make a positive.

This is because they got a Russian teacher at the school this year and everyone gets a Russian lesson once a week or once a month or something. The teacher hands out photocopied roubles for good behaviour and they come home chanting some very Communist-sounding song about Ruskova. It’s hilarious. I have no idea whether they’re learning anything beyond da and nyet, but who cares? My kids are learning Russian, take that Montgomery County boo yah.

Anyway, he bounces and counts to see how high up he can get, and it’s something energetic he can do indoors without breaking things, so I call it a win.

Meanwhile, his sister continues to amass toys upon toys and play with them all and then eschew them in order to cut out paper dolls instead. She’s also perusing the Playmobil booklet at every turn to decide what she’ll buy with her star-chart earnings, and earmarking Li’l Woodzeez families for her next birthday. Or maybe that should be the other way round, for the sake of my finances.

paper dolls sitting up in bed

11 thoughts on “This is basically just an excuse for some photos

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  2. Emily

    I had a blue and yellow loloball too!! I didn’t know you could still get then, jeez, my kids would explode with delight if they had them 🙂 I love the paper dolls- have you read Julia Donaldsons book “the Paper Dolls”? Mabel would love it!

    1. Maud Post author

      No! Julia Donaldson books are harder to come by on this side of the ocean, though they are (maybe not all) here. I must look for it.

  3. Alyssa

    Pogo balls!! Or at least that’s what I had in the 80s! I had two pink/purple and green/ yellow (the first popped, hence the two).

  4. velocibadgergirl

    Oh man! I had a pogo ball. I wanted one SO BADLY and never could save a dime of my money, but finally my grandma got me one for my birthday. I used to get blisters on the insides of my feet from jumping with it.

  5. Muuka

    Russian! In an american school?! Whodda thunk it 😀 That’s brilliant though. the only other russian word I know apart from those is dasvidanya. The picture of the playground overnight is so striking. Yes it looks monochrome but it’s breathtaking. You take wonderful photos.

    1. Maud Post author

      Thank you! They know dasvidanya too, but they’re not sure if it’s hello or goodbye. (Neither am I.) And Mabel knows some colours, I think, but none of the words seem to have stuck in Dash’s head, though he has learned some interesting facts like that Alaska used to belong to Russia.

  6. Muuka

    Ilove the pictures from yesterday. The snow is beautiful. I had a good giggle at Russian being taught in an American school. JFK and Hoover must be spinning in their graves.


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