Atheist children and deep thoughts about George Michael

I have to admit it’s nice to live in a secular country where I can get stuff done on Good Friday instead of hiding out being bugged by the children (or going to an interminable stations of the cross service, which we would obviously never dream of doing with the children even if we were still church-going Catholics). Today we went to the thrift store, went out to lunch (what I saved on baseball pants I spent on a high-class fish burger), popped into the library, and finally got some vitals at the supermarket, including a bottle of red for dinner. Catch anyone doing that on Good Friday in Ireland.

The children are on spring break, as of yesterday afternoon. That’s why all this productivity is notable, because they were with me. These days, when I’m so hedonistically child-free for six hours daily from Monday to Friday, I can usually do most of those things without either of them cramping my style. Though I suppose lunch wouldn’t have been so much fun without my two french-fry munchers, who were very good while I insisted on telling them why fish was traditional for this particular day of the year.

It’s so funny raising atheists. I mean, “sin” was a new word to them very recently, that needed to be explained, all theoretically, of course. I love that, I can’t lie. (That would be a sin, after all.) How will they do without all that vital Catholic guilt weighing them down? It’s going to be interesting to find out.

I had this epiphany about George Michael’s lyrics on our way home from New York as we delved our iPod’s back catalogue for some good 80s/90s road-trip music. There was George writing all these songs and making videos with beautiful women in them, and there we all were, us girls, imagining that George wanted to be our lover – and all the time he was probably having a great time thinking what eejits we were because every single song was about gay relationships. Of course. Which are just the same as straight ones in so many ways. Very subversive. Anarchic, practically.

Happy Easter. I changed my header for you – more seasonal, don’t you think?

PInk fuzzy blossoms

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7 thoughts on “Atheist children and deep thoughts about George Michael

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  2. April BC

    My kids are the same; the only time my son has ever heard of ‘Jesus Christ’ is when I’m driving. Oops! It will be interesting to see how his experience of school differs too in September when he attends an Educate Together. Happy Easter! (the chocolatey one, not the holy one 😉 )

  3. Office Mum

    My Catholic-school attending five-year-old said “What’s mass?” when we were looking for parking yesterday to go to an Easter funfair, and the nearby church car-park was full. So I’m not sure even the non-aetheists are getting much of the guilt and the sin anymore! But yes, it’ll be interesting to see how it all goes… Love the header!

    1. Maud Post author

      Dash was watching a documentary about “Chris-tee-an-itee” (as he said) with avid interest yesterday when it happened to show up on TV. Poor denied children.


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