The problem with jet lag

The problem with jet lag, or time-zone adjustment, because I see them as two separate things, is that I can’t really take advantage of the kids going easily and early to bed, because I am also falling asleep by some ridiculously early hour of the evening.

The other problem is that Dash adjusts to new time zones in no time flat, much faster than I do.

The other other problem is that apparently I need more sleep than my six year old. Last night, for instance, Mabel fell asleep at 9pm. So did I. She woke up at 6am. I did not.

Luckily for me – thank all the Greek and Roman and Norse and Egyptian gods and goddesses – I married a man who is a natural early riser, and who needs only about six hours’ sleep a night. One of those high-achieving types. I, on the other hand, clearly will never amount to anything much, because people who need eight to nine hours’ sleep a night never do.

So I put Mabel to bed and myself to bed at the same time, and then B went to bed later and also got up at 6am with Mabel. If I had married someone else, I would either be dead of chronic exhaustion by now, or divorced. On the other hand, if I had married someone else, possibly my children wouldn’t need so little sleep to be the adorable little well-behaved munchkins they always are. Swings and roundabouts.

Mabel pretending to be a sleeping puppy.

Fast asleep. Not.

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