New school blues (or not)

So, Dash, how’s the new school?

He’s probably sick of being asked, so I’ll synthesize his recent comments for you.

There are lockers, which is probably the most exciting thing.

And desks that have lids, so you keep your stuff inside them. Those are also the most exciting thing.

And on Friday afternoons the school gets together and has races and things, divided into houses just like in Hogwarts, and each house has a chant and a secret handshake and Dash was put in the house he really wanted to be in because it has the coolest symbol. Which is a dragon.

Nothing could be better than a dragon, obviously. The other houses are just sissies, with their eagle and unicorn and whatever the other thing is.

Also, instead of art they have “makers’ class” where they get to make things and use glue guns and saws and other dangerous implements. Dash is now planning to build an extension to his room so he can play his ukulele without annoying us.

Yes, they are learning the ukulele, which is great because Dash already has one. He has been strumming it non stop since Friday afternoon now, and he doesn’t know any chords yet. We are all slowly going insane.

Some of us faster than others, actually.

So those are pretty much the salient points of Dash’s new school. As for reading, well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. They’re still getting to grips with all that.


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