Perfection achieved

We have fixed Dash! I feel like we’ve finally accomplished something as parents. They say you can’t change people, but they’re wrong.

No, we haven’t got to the root of his reading trouble, or his vision if that’s what it is. He still won’t eat more than about four very specific things. And singing in tune is not always, yet, his forte. But his teeth are straight now! We made it happen! Yay us!

You might remember, or not, because I didn’t blog much back then, that Dash knocked out a tooth when he was a baby. One of his top front teeth, in fact. He’d only had it a month, when bump, thump, bang, and out it went. The sort of thing that makes you want to envelop them in bubblewrap and never leave the house again.

(Though in fact it turned out to be one of only two trips ever to the ER, and apart from that time he nearly bit through his tongue and the time he cut his eyebrow on the corner of the coffee table, and … well, anyway, he’s surprisingly not accident-prone, actually. I promise.)

Anyway, that meant he had a gap in his smile for a long time, and it gave the adult tooth there all the time in the world to decide on its trajectory, which I think is why when he finally had two top teeth again by age seven or so, they were at odd angles to each other. One sort of stuck out more than the other, and there was a big gap between them. They looked like an awkward couple, askance.

I had noticed that a lot of kids here seem to get braces earlier than we did Back In My Day. At first I was sceptical, but after interrogating a couple of dentists I came around to their way of thinking. If you straighten up the front teeth first, the rest of the adult teeth have a better chance of coming in straight to begin with, you can monitor it all better instead of plonking an fully developed 14-year-old down in front of an orthodontist and saying ‘Have at it!’, and the entire treatment should be shorter and maybe a bit cheaper. Not to mention that if you can get some of it over with while they’re still young enough not to be quite so self-conscious about their looks, that’s got to be a good thing.

So Dash got braces in August (did I tell you? I don’t remember), just on the top four teeth, and yesterday he had them removed. Phase one is complete, and he might not need phase two at all – though the orthodontist will keep an eye on him at intervals to see how everything’s coming along as the rest of his adult teeth come through.

Today Mabel got another crown, a filling, and she has an appointment for an orthodontist consult because even with only four adult teeth so far it’s clear that she will have crowding issues. Poor girl drew the short straw, evidently.

I’ve fixed her, for now, with a dose of Motrin, a Harry Potter double bill and a new puppy toy.


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