Summer fatigue

Today for about half an hour I put on a cardigan. The air conditioning was pumping full blast (which makes it nice downstairs and still too hot upstairs) and I was a bit tired after an early wake-up call, so I even thought about putting on socks. I had a cup of tea and drank almost all of it. I enjoyed the feeling of the light wool against my bare arms, and thought how nice it will be when it’s autumn and I can do these things for real.

I know this is no comfort to anyone in Ireland, where the summer usually goes by in a blur of weeks when you thought “I’ll do that when it’s summer” until it’s over and the summer weather never arrived, or arrived for two days and disappeared as soon as you had a chance to take advantage of it; but it’s been hot and humid here for several weeks now and the idea of going outside in something other than beating sun and air that doesn’t seem to enter your lungs at all is nothing short of beguiling.

Also, the mosquitoes can feck right off immediately. This year with added foreboding of Zika, which really is something that you can see in dystopian terms as heralding the beginning of the end of the human race, if you feel so inclined, and if you or a loved one might be pregnant. Luckily for me I’m not in that position, so bites are still a mild annoyance more than anything else, but the ominous ads at the supermarket exhorting me to buy lots of repellant are still anxiety-provoking.

Remember my wonderfully enriching summer activity plan? You have my permission to laugh uproariously about it now, because its moment of glory was that day in the car, all in the presentation and about two minutes in the actuality. I did make a spreadsheet, and it was affixed to the fridge until yesterday, blithely ignored by all of us. Yesterday I crumpled it up and threw it away.

What did we learn this summer? Feck all. What did we accomplish? We didn’t kill each other, is that good enough? The kids’ computer skills came on apace, that’s a thing, right? And I read a few books. This one and this one (both very compelling; not the sort of thing I usually read) and now this one and this one (very much the sort of thing I like to read). Our neighbours got a trampoline in their backyard, which was very nice of them, though I’m not sure how they propose to keep my children off it now that they’ve once been invited to partake.

There’s a week left before Mabel goes back to school; a week in which I’m sure we could do lots of excellent things, but we probably won’t. Dash will be hanging out with me (or staying at home) for another two weeks after that, and maybe then he’ll finally do the summer packet he was meant to do over the break, and return to school all edumacated up after all.

We just had a lovely big thunderstorm that cleared out the air, at least for this evening. Maybe all the mosquitoes got zapped by lightning, do you think?

Large cricket on a chain-link fence

Impressive cricket of late summer


4 thoughts on “Summer fatigue

  1. Angela O'Donovan

    You really threw me there with your liking science fictionews, surprised is all.

    I read the 2nd one about the child reappearing, liked it at the time though had enoughby the end and probably rushed to the end.

    The Liz Nugent one looks interesting and I’ll have a go. Not that my bedside is not full enoughor piled high enough…

    Yes, all being alive is good, more than good enough. Enjoy the rest of the hols esp the one to one with Dash. One to one is a real luxury. My 20 year old baby is back from 3 weeks away in Israel and Jordan tomorow. I’ll be food shopping like mad before his arrival, like he hasn’t eaten since he set off. Can’t wait…

    1. Maud Post author

      I like sci-fi (or Fantasy, I think this is more) but more specifically I love Ursula le Guin. I think she’s an amazing writer.

  2. Fionnuala Three Sons Later

    I get you with the heat and humidity. Our summers are like that too. We treated ourselves to a month in dull, cool, breezy Ireland this summer since I am off work. It has been wonderful but today we fly back to the heat and mosquitoes.


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