I have a “Blathering” tag for a reason, you know

It’s not that the blog awards were over and suddenly I couldn’t be arsed blogging any more. It’s not even that I’m busy with real work, even though I am. I have at least three posts written in drafts, but they’re too boring to publish. I need some sort of random bulleted list kickstarter to just push me back in.

  • Yesterday for lunch I ate a salad of roasted golden beet with feta and maple-glazed roasted walnuts, in a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Today I’m eating ¬†instant noodles, because sometimes you just need the MSG, and sometimes having to constantly think of what to eat is so very tedious.
  • We got Dash’s latest testing results: still dyslexic. No surprise there, because I think if you grow out of being dyslexic you probably weren’t actually in the first place. He’s also still not ADHD, he just finds it hard to settle down and concentrate on his homework because reading is HARD for him. School is going very well and his math teacher in particular is very impressed with him.
  • Our babysitter has gone off to college and even though I have a number and a recommendation for someone else, the idea of having to actually put the whole new-babysitter concept into motion is so hideous to me just now that I wonder if never going out again wouldn’t be easier. Bad, maybe. But easier.
  • The weather has moved delightfully into autumn and I am now wearing socks and jeans and a cardigan and accessorizing with a scarf as threatened, and I’m very happy.

Oh, someone give me a writing prompt. I clearly need direction here.


8 thoughts on “I have a “Blathering” tag for a reason, you know

    1. Maud Post author

      Somehow, pressing the button on this one really did break my writer’s block, and I have another one lined up already. But I shall put some consideration into your prompts, thank you!

  1. Angela O'Donovan

    Hi Maud, I’don’t like to know what happened about the dog – or was it a cat?

    We had a phase where Rory wanted a dog and we were looking through a book on breeds, their temperaments, etc etc… then he asked for a laptop, got it and how we wished we’d stuck with dog!

    You were wavering yourself, if I remember rightly. Did I miss a Post?


    1. Maud

      The desperate urge for a pet abated. Now isn’t a good time anyway. I don’t know when will be. She’s getting a kindle for her birthday, so we may be in the same situation you were.

    1. Maud Post author

      Ah, you’re so kind. I could look out my window all day – but sometimes the only way to get writing is to start writing.


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