All I want for Christmas

Now that I’ve lodged Mariah Carey permanently in your left ear – and, be honest, she’s been there most of the week, hasn’t she – let me interrupt myself to tell you a story.

This morning I sat down to start writing and realised something was wrong. I felt … loose. Free. Sort of dangerously slippy. Unrestrained. No, I haven’t given the husband the heave-ho, or sent the children on an all-expenses paid trip to Siberia – I’d forgotten to put on my bra.

As I raced upstairs to remedy this inexplicable oversight, I ransacked my brain for excuses. I’m not the sort of girl who pulls off her bra with abandon as soon as she comes home, shedding it as she might kick off uncomfortable shoes, happy to be done with them for the day. (There’s nothing bad about that sort of girl. I’m just not one.) Once I’m out of bed and out of pyjamas, I have a bra on. I’m uncomfortable without.

My only explanation was that I’d taken off the gym gear and sports bra I’d put on first thing, but had not had a shower since I didn’t actually exercise. And apparently in my brain if I’m taking off one bra and putting clothes on straight away, I’m putting on pyjamas, which don’t get a bra. But this time I managed to put on three top layers (it’s cold), socks, and a pair of leggings, and go downstairs without even noticing that I’d missed a vital aspect of my habilliment.

I don’t know if that’s plausible. The other explanation is that I’m finally losing my marbles.


So there you go. Keep a careful eye out for such a thing happening again. In the meantime, I read Sinead’s nice post about what other people wanted for Christmas and I thought I’d do one of my own. This is really my pre-Christmas list as much as my Christmas list, because some of these will be or have already been procured by me for me. But some might still be a lovely surprise.

My very lovely new bag, which I found in Marshall’s as I am wont to do, and lusted after for a while. Then I cunningly ordered three pairs of boots from Zappos, almost bought one, decided not to, sent them all back, and used the money I saved (ahem) to buy the bag. The price tag says “RRP 158” and I paid $50, so it’s a bargain.


These were the boots I sent back. They’re lovely, but I wasn’t entirely sure they’d be as comfy as the boots they’d be replacing, which look exactly the same but a bit taller (and less new) and are still perfectly roadworthy.



I bought a skirt in Dress Barn (shopping there makes me feel like I must be a cow, but they have some nice stuff at very affordable prices), and two tops as well. The skirt is crying out for some tall brown boots, so I’m giving myself permission to look for a pair of those when we’re in Dublin. (If money were no object and I had skinnier calves, these would be ideal.) (Can’t find a photo of the skirt online for some reason. It’s longish and dark red and velvety thin cord, A-line, quite 70s retro and very Christmassy.)


I really need-want a nice silvery-grey scarf that goes with everything. This is a random one I found on Pinterest, to symbolize something that I won’t know exactly until I see it.


I also want a new chopping board. Nothing fancy – I saw a nice one for 7.99 in Marshall’s. I like the bamboo ones, though.


And these Food Huggers are really cute and would cut down on nasty plastic bags in my salad drawer.



See, my needs are simple. My tastes are modest. Except for boots. And bags.

5 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. Angela O'Donovan

    I love the food huggers. So nice when good things look so ‘cute’. They remind me of Joseph Joseph kitchen stuff, not sure if you have them in US stores. Not to mention Lakeland…


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