Animal house

We have kittens now. I’m going to have to update my About page.

Apparently this is what bloggers do when their kids get too old to blog about. I’ve already put one of the kittens in my Facebook profile pic. From now on you’ll only see my children in photos if they’re accompanied by cats.

They’re settling in quite nicely. They’ve certainly made themselves at home on the IKEA furniture.

They were a bit confused when everyone except me disappeared on Monday morning, but they got over it.

They enjoy boxes, pens, human fingers, and peeing fifteen times a day. They like to meow pitifully for no apparent reason even when they have plenty of food and water and snuggles and I’ve just raked the litter to the perfection of one of those zen sand gardens. They have sharp little claws that get hung up on everything (scratching post coming ASAP). They do full-body purrs as soon as you pick them up, and they fight like my children but then happily cuddle up together at night.

One of them is on my lap right now, biting my elbow and popping up every five seconds to see if he can help with the blogging. He’s very helpful.

6 thoughts on “Animal house

  1. Angela O'Donovan

    They’really gorgeous, so cute. Named yet?

    My cat is Baggy, Bags, Baggy, short for Bagheera. His twin was Wizard. He was the brave one first to do everything including a fatal trip accross a busy road.enjiy them. So entertaining and engaging.

    1. Maud Post author

      They seem to be keeping the names they came from the shelter with, which are Birch and Oak. (Their sister was Willow.) They wouldn’t be my first choices for names but you know who’s in charge around here. (Hint: It’s not anyone over 8.)

  2. Naomi Lavelle

    They look very cute, you are officially a cat woman now 🙂 I’d love to have a little warm animal snuggle with me as I work on the laptop. I did have a young chicken that used to like to sit on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck. Maybe I just need an extra cozy scarf 😉 😉


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