Snapshot – a linky!

Update for bloggers: I’ve made this a linky. Tell me yours! Check out the link at the bottom.


Listening to: The Hamilton soundtrack (all the time) and a thunderstorm (right now).

Watching: Liberty’s Kids on YouTube (Dash and Mabel). Torrential rain (me). At other times, The Crown and Orphan Black.

Playing: Jacksmith on Coolmath Games (the kids, on devices). Seems to be good.

Cat looking at small fluffy cat toy thing

Oak contemplates a toy, for the very much killing of

Reading: The Hammer of Thor (Dash, by himself, though he’s heard it before); Harry Potter book 1 (Mabel, by herself, she’s heard it before many times; we’ll see if she sticks with it because she has a history of starting books and never finishing them). I also just finished reading Charlotte’s Web to Mabel, which at 8 she’s finally the right age for, given that Fern in it is 8 and also that we’ve started it twice before but it never held her interest. We’ve started The Long Winter by Laura Ingall’s Wilder now; I was warned that it’s fairly traumatic so we’d taken a break from the Little House books for a while. It’s nice to go slowly through a series instead of blazing through it (like we’ve done with all the Rick Riordans). Personally I’m between books at the moment, though I did treat myself to the new editions of NODWE and Hart’s Rules, for professional development reasons.

New Oxford Dic. for Writers and Editors and New Hart's Rules

Aren’t they lovely? No? Just me, then?

Looking forward to: The Oscars. (Ok, fine, mostly just me.)

Drinking: A nice cup of tea. At other times, white wine because the weather’s so unseasonably warm.

Wearing: Sandals. In February. Which is all wrong.

Cat playing on the kitchen floor

Birch, bravely killing a thing

Eating: A fancy macaron my husband brought me because he went to the mall and I didn’t.

Working on: Final layout for the print version of book two. Yay.

Permanently frustrated by: The mess.

Big mess in the family room

Exhibit A

Enjoying: The cats.

Not enjoying: The fact that one of the cats may have ringworm but I can’t bring myself to isolate him in the basement or keep him away from his brother so we’ll probably all get it. I tried to at least keep him out of the bedrooms, but Mabel doesn’t want to sleep with her door closed so they get in anyway… (NB Ringworm is not a worm. It’s a fungal infection. We are treating it topically and waiting for lab confirmation before getting medication. I am over-optimistically hoping it’s some other little random patch of ick.)

At least the rain’s stopped.

View out the rainy window - wet deck but brightening sky


20 thoughts on “Snapshot – a linky!

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  3. Aedin

    Ooh, this is a lovely idea. Will try and link up. Still sans internet here and will be until early April so being naughty at work trying to catch up with all my favourite blogs!

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  9. Cath - BattleMum

    What a great idea for a linky. I’ve joined in too. Our dog had ringworm 3 times in 18 months and it was torture keeping our son and him apart and bleaching the house constantly to kill the spores. I’m just glad we don’t let him upstairs or it may have been worse. Thankfully none of us caught it those 3 times. But it’s a horrid thing. Hope it turns out not to be it!

    1. Maud Post author

      Ugh, it tested negative and the first cat is fine but whatever it is the second cat has it now. I’ve stopped even trying to contain it, we’re just hoping his immune system will start fighting it off soon. The rest of us don’t seem to be getting it anyway, which is just as well – the vet said “wash his bedding…” and I looked at her and she said, “I know, the whole house, right?”

      Anyway, thanks for joining in! Lovely to have you.

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