Worth working through the don’t wannas

We went away, briefly, which is always a good thing.

Before we go anywhere I’m generally stuck in the I don’t wannas. I don’t wanna think ahead, I don’t wanna pack, I don’t wanna leave the cats, I don’t wanna take a child out of school an hour early, I don’t wanna drive for hours for something that may or may not be much fun and then require driving for more hours back again. It all seems far too much like hard work.

As soon as we’re on the road, all that falls away and I remember that it’s good for all of us to get some time together, even if most of it is time singing to Hamilton in the car; to get out of the regular and do something marginally, just a tiny bit, different. Just to be somewhere else for a while so that when we come back we appreciate how nice home is. And maybe to do something nice while we’re gone as well.

I had tried to plan a weekend that would make everyone happy. Of course, such a thing is possibly doomed to failure. In honesty, I wasn’t made entirely happy myself, except by the martyr-mommy happiness that comes of seeing everyone else happy. Which I suppose is another kind of satisfaction.

So we drove three hours west to Virginia and up a mountain where the boys could go skiing for the day and Mabel and I could go to the waterpark, because she didn’t want to ski. I would have quite liked to ski, but I’m terrible value skiing because I get too cold too fast and I don’t have a lot of stamina. If you could just ski for a couple of hours that’d suit me, but they don’t arrange it that way. The waterpark on site was the same one we’d been to a couple of summers ago, and Mabel was excited about that. I’m sure she’d have had more fun with a buddy, or even her brother instead of boring me, but we had a pretty good morning alternately whooshing down the slides and bobbing along the lazy river. We had all-day passes but once we’d got dressed and gone to meet the boys for lunch we didn’t feel like going back, so that was that. They got good value out of their ski passes and had a great time, and I was just slightly jealous watching them.

I wouldn’t want anyone to think this was a Facebook-perfect post about my perfect life with my perfect children. (My husband, of course, is perfect.) We had our usual difficulties finding food (fries and more fries, but only the ones that weren’t pre-dusted with a microscopic amount of paprika thank you) and even with a pull out sofa as well as two queen beds, I somehow ended up sleeping beside the human limpet both nights, which made me grumpy and ill-rested. There was a fight over who got the sofa bed the first night and almost another over who didn’t get it the second night, when it proved less than fun, actually. There was lots of Disney Channel (we don’t have cable at home so that’s always a draw when we’re away) and somehow the first disc of Hamilton wasn’t in the car so we listened to the second half straight through about five times.

Today we awoke to falling snow, so rather than find an activity to fill the morning we just headed straight home, with nowt but a stop at Waffle House for breakfast (where child A woudln’t even eat toast and just blew bubbles in a glass of chocolate milk for half an hour, but child B ate some bacon as well as a waffle, so that’s a win) and another at McDonald’s (because of course child A needed lunch well before anyone else did), and we had plenty of time to finish homework and snuggle the cats and get in some comestibles before the week starts again. But I think we’re just a little bit renewed and refreshed, so it was all worth it.

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