I have one husband, two children (10 and 8 right now), and – big exciting update – two cats!

I was born, bred, and educated in Dublin, Ireland. In 2003 I left my cushy software-company editing job behind and, newly minted green card in hand, emigrated to the USA to join my then-boyfriend. Since then I’ve been a personal assistant in Pennsylvania, a tech writer in Texas, and now I’m a mom in Maryland. Hooray for alliteration. However, I maintain that editing is a calling, not just a paycheck (not even a paycheck, much of the time), and that’s how I think of myself when not being a sherpa/chauffeur/personal milk dispenser.

Since having children it has turned out that I lean more towards the attachment-parenting model of things: please don’t hold it against me. Now and then I will take a soapbox stand on issues such as low-intervention childbirth, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. It’s my blog, so I’m allowed.

The plan was to return to Ireland for good some day, but jobs and recessions being what they are, we’re not clear when or if that’s going to happen; for reasons more practical than sentimental, I became a naturalized American in January 2013. I never intended to be a crazy hippie raising American children, but it seems to be turning out that way, just a little.

You can also find my writing at TheDCMoms.com and Parent.ie (hosted here right now), and I’ve had posts syndicated and featured at BlogHer.

February 2017

A note on names:

My son’s blog-name was Monkey, until 19 October 2011 when I changed it to Dash. Please do not be confused by this turn of events. He’s the same child.

My daughter started out as Miss, and became Mabel. She’s the same child too.

A note on internal links:
Most of the internal links from before mid-January 2014 are broken and will just redirect you to the home page. My hugest apologies for this – it’s because I couldn’t get the redirects working properly when I migrated from Blogger. If you’re looking for a particular post and you know the title, put it into the search field and it should come up.


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The current banner photo (Fall-Winter 2016-2017) was taken by me at Bethany Beach, Maryland.

My Book:
In 2016 I self-published the first book of a trilogy set in Ireland for readers aged 9-12. It’s available as an ebook and in print, anywhere in the world. I want to keep my blog fairly anonymous so I don’t advertise it directly here, but if you want to know more, drop me a line at awfullychipper@gmail.com and I’d be delighted to point you to it.

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