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Gainful employ

I have a contracting job. I’ve spent about five hours this week doing work that people will pay me actual money for. This is quite exciting, I have to say. It gives me some focus when Mabel’s in school (apart from focusing on not cleaning the house, which is something I put a great deal of concentration into) and the idea of getting a check at some point in the future that I can bring to the bank and turn into money that I can exchange for goods and/or services is fairly mind-blowing.

I’ve done freelancing in the past, since I turned my back on the world of 8 to 5 and decided to go all out having babies and baking muffins instead, but they were once-off projects. This is (should be; not counting chickens) more of a regular, steady thing. Of course, I need to keep a chunk for tax, and I should really put all the rest away for our retirement, or into the college fund or something (there is no college fund; the children will have to go to college in Ireland, or get scholarships) but I’m busy spending the rest in my head several times over on boots and bags and new jeans and a cleaning lady and a professional hair-dye job.

Sigh. My wants are modest and meagre.

The work is good. It’s not exciting stuff and copy-editing is not everyone’s idea of a good time, but I’m funny that way. It’s challenging enough to be satisfying, and I was able to jump right in and get down to it straight away, which is nice when you’re only working in one-to-two-hour bursts. It’s really very gratifying to not only remember that you have skills that people will pay for but actually find the people who want to make use of them.


I should say something about my new purple badge. I was very happy to be nominated for a Blog Award Ireland and I’m most delighted to have made the shortlist. (I’m also thrilled that the Irish Parenting Bloggers are so well represented, despite the lack of a dedicated Parenting category.)

I’m in the category called “Diaspora”, which is what Irish people call anyone who emigrated, because Mary Robinson said it in 1985 or sometime, and it sounds all poetic and stuff. It was nice of them to have a category for non-residents, though it does mean I’m up against all the might of The Irish Times’s Generation Emigration blog, for instance, which seems like a bit of a hard act to follow. Nevertheless, as we say in these situations, it’s an honour just to be considered.