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I think this is called falling before the first fence

Discussions on summer pastimes are ongoing. I am all chuffed/horrified because apparently I have let myself in for a serious regime of homeschooling over the summer, thanks to accidentally asking “What would you like to learn about?” when trying to get them to brainstorm things we might want to do.

Dash would like to learn about:

  • science and Einstein
  • the brain
  • Spanish
  • division, square roots, and algebra
  • Shakespeare, Plato, Beethoven, and Galileo

Mabel would like to learn about

  • monkeys
  • dog noses
  • math for Kindergarteners

Having settled that much and come up with a list of household chores that could be done for money (amount yet to be negotiated), we went to the thrift store because [oh I don’t know, Mabel wanted to, I had some stuff to drop off, Dash didn’t want to but he got in the car anyway, something something].

Mabel picked a soft toy. And then another. And then a different one. And finally settled on a baby and a puppy. (Not real.) As she had given away an even bigger baby, that was okay with me. Then we perused the books. Dash wanted to find something on mechanics, maybe. We found a book on birds and one on reptiles and he professed to want them. Then we had this conversation:

Dash, looking at a slim 80’s paperback entitled “Shelving” with a beguiling cover picture of a drill and some plywood: That looks really interesting.

Me, to myself: That looks incredibly boring. To Dash: I’m so glad you find everything interesting.

Him, insulted: I don’t!

Me: Okay, tell me something you’re not interested in.

Him, after a long cogitation: Things about babies. And love.

He was delighted with his acquisitions and told me how much he loves educational things. He promised he’ll read them himself. He glanced through them in the car on the way home. At home, Mabel sat down happily to play with her new toys, giving them baths and introducing them to their new family. Dash ignored his new books and spent the next twenty minutes bugging his sister, and finally tying a string to an old toy car and pulling it around the house noisily.

I don’t know how the summer is going to go. I really don’t.