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One Crazy Internet

When I was writing for the late lamented Parent.ie I started doing a thing called One Crazy Internet, where I’d share the cool or funny links I’d found during the week. I sort of miss it, so I thought I’d do it again here from time to time.

These are not the cat photos you might be expecting: The Worst Cats.

Does fatherhood look like this in your house? How to be the World’s Best Father.

Some stunning photos of the clearest lake in the world, frozen.

Someone thinks all the J.Crew models look a little wasted. They might be right.

The grossest foods you might find on Pinterest. The catch is these aren’t Pinterest fails – they were meant to come out like this.

And finally, some picky kids to entertain you, because they’re not your kids and it’s not the dinner you slaved over.


It’s all about perspective

If I said I spent Sunday morning alternately trying to convince my five-year-old to get dressed and reading the papers, I’d feel quite good about myself. Okay, so if she had got dressed, and if the TV had stayed off, I’d feel even better, but still. The Sunday papers and a cup of tea sounds like the epitome of civilized living, really.

And yet, if I admit that I’ve been on the internet all morning, I feel rather different about it. I feel as if I’ve been wasting time that would have been better spent working out (hah), sweeping the floor (bah), or, well, laying down the law about television-watching and dressed-getting.

Well, no more, I say. I read several interesting articles in papers ranging from The Irish Times to The Guardian to the Washington Post. I became more informed on topics domestic and foreign. I learned about popular culture and current events. Ireland beat Scotland in the rugby. (Yay!)

What’s more, I shared and discussed some articles with friends. Reading the papers became a social and interactive pastime, connecting me to others even as I sat enjoying my quiet time alone. (Five-year-old excepted.)

So I declare an end to shame. I had a lovely Sunday morning, not a wasted one.