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My day in Upworthy headlines

You Won’t Believe What This Mom Gave her Kids for Breakfast!
[Spoiler: not pancakes]

You’ll Be Amazed By How the County Reacted To These Three Inches Of Snow!
[Spoiler: They closed the schools. Again.]

These Children Had a Snow Day. You’ll Be Astounded by the Amount of Squabbling That Ensued.
[Spoiler: lots]

Ten Fabulous Ways to Entice Your Children to Turn Off the TV. [Spoiler: The TV is still on.]

You Won’t Believe How This Mother Chose to Entertain Her Kids for Yet Another Snow Day. [Spoiler: Something from the Clearance crafts aisle at Target.]

Quiz: Which piece of random crap on my carpet are you?
[Results will be either: 1×1 Lego brick, tiny elastic band, melty bead, sequin, cheerio, rice-cake morsel, or squishy inside of an Oreo cookie.]

Five beautiful Pinterest crafts that look far too much like hard work.

Seven snack foods that you can eat standing up while your kids are distracted.
[Hint: My countertops are exactly the color of dark chocolate. Or a Thin Mint.]

This Mother Served Leftovers for Dinner Again: Wait Till You See Her Husband’s Reaction! [Spoiler: He ate them.]

This Woman Has a Blog: You Won’t Believe Her Latest Post!
[Spoiler: Done.]

Children with melty beads

Newest snow-day activity: melty beads!